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Violent Saturday (1955)

aka Violent Saturday

Directed By: 
Details: 90 mins · English


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Small Shelley Martin
Small Boyd Fairchild
Small Harper (bank robber)
Small Linda Sherman
Small Harry Reeves, Bank Manager
Small Dill, Bank Robber
Small Mrs. Emily Fairchild
Small Chapman, Bank Robber
Small Elsie Braden
Small Stadt, Amish Farmer
Small Helen Martin
No_movie_poster Steve Martin
Small Gil Clayton


No_movie_poster Louis R. Loeffler Editor
Small Richard Fleischer Director
No_movie_poster Hugo Friedhofer Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Charles G. Clarke Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Sydney Boehm Writer
No_movie_poster Buddy Adler Producer
No_movie_poster William L. Heath Novel


Harper (Stephen McNally) is a bank robber posing as a traveling salesman. He arrives in town, soon to be joined by sadistic benzedrine addict Dill (Lee Marvin) and bookish Chapman (J. Carrol Naish).

Boyd Fairchild (Richard Egan) is manager of the local copper mine, troubled by his philandering wife (Margaret Hayes). He considers an affair with nurse Linda Sherman (Virginia Leith), though he truly loves his wife. His associate, Shelley Martin (Victor Mature), has a happy home life, but is embarrassed that his son believes he is a coward because he did not serve in World War II.

Subplots involves a peeping-tom bank manager, Harry Reeves (Tommy Noonan), and a larcenous librarian, Elsie Braden (Sylvia Sidney). As the bank robbers carry out their plot, the separate character threads are drawn together. Violence erupts during the robbery. Fairchild's wife is slain and bank manager Reeves is wounded.

Martin is held hostage on a farm with an Amish family. With the help of the father (Ernest Borgnine), he defeats the crooks in a savage gunfight. In the aftermath, Martin becomes a hero to his son, and Linda comforts Fairchild as he grieves for his wife.

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