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Walk on the Wild Side (1962)

aka Walk on the Wild Side

"THIS IS AN ADULT PICTURE! Parents should exercise discretion in permitting the immature to see it."

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 114 mins · English


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Small Dove Linkhorn
Small Hallie Gerard
Small Kitty Twist
Small Teresina Vidaverri
Small Jo Courtney
Small Miss Precious
No_movie_poster Oliver
No_movie_poster Schmidt
Small Dockery (as Donald Barry)
Small Mama


No_movie_poster Elmer Bernstein Music
Small Edward Dmytryk Director
No_movie_poster Joseph McDonald Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Charles K. Feldman Production


"THIS IS AN ADULT PICTURE! Parents should exercise discretion in permitting the immature to see it."


The film's plot is quite different from the book. Set during the Great Depression, it starts with Dove and Kitty meeting on the road in Texas as they each make their way to New Orleans. They decide to travel together, hitchhiking and hopping freight trains. Dove is hoping to find his lost love Hallie, and is uninterested when Kitty comes on to him sexually.

After Kitty steals from the New Orleans-area café where she and Dove stop for a meal, Dove leaves Kitty and makes things right with the owner, Teresina, who gives him a job and lets him stay while he searches for Hallie. He finds Hallie at the Doll House, an upscale bordello in the French Quarter, where Jo is the madam.

We learn later that Jo's husband had lost his legs in an accident, after which Jo lost interest in him. It is subtly implied that there is a lesbian relationship between Jo and Hallie, because Hallie enjoys the support of Jo to pursue her interest in sculpting, but it is clear that Hallie works for Jo as a prostitute like the others. Their relationship is not loving, more possessive. Hallie is unhappy with her life at Jo's, but is unwilling to give up the comforts of that life and marry Dove.

Meanwhile, Kitty gladly goes to work in the bordello after Jo bails her out of jail, where she had been languishing under a vagrancy charge. When Jo sees that Kitty and Dove apparently know each other, she questions Kitty about her past with Dove, taking a special interest in the fact that they had traveled together from Texas to Louisiana. She threatens Dove with arrest for transporting the underage Kitty across state lines for immoral purposes and for statutory rape, unless he leaves New Orleans without Hallie. As Dove leaves the bordello, the bouncer, a second bordello employee, and Jo's husband beat Dove viciously, as a horrified Kitty watches from upstairs. Kitty helps Dove get back to the café, where Teresina takes care of him, and goes back to the bordello to get Hallie. Kitty helps Hallie escape from the bordello without being seen and takes her to the café, but comes under suspicion later when Hallie can't be found. The fearful Kitty brings Jo and the three men who assaulted Dove to the café. During the ensuing struggle between Dove and one of the men, Hallie is shot and killed by a stray bullet. At the end of the film, we see from a front-page newspaper story that Jo and several others were sent to prison largely because of Kitty's testimony.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2004-02-10