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While She Was Out (2008)

aka While She Was Out

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 108 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Della
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Small Susan Montford Director
No_movie_poster Don Murphy Production
No_movie_poster William M. Anderson Editing


On Christmas Eve, suburban housewife Della Myers (Kim Basinger) gets into an argument with her husband Kenneth (Craig Sheffer). After putting her two children to bed, she drives to the mall to buy some wrapping paper. At the mall, she can't find a parking space and angrily leaves a note on the window of a car that is parked using up two parking spaces. By the time she finishes her purchase, the parking lot is nearly deserted, and the note is gone from the car. As she enters her own car, the car on which she had left the note pulls up behind her.

She confronts the car, and four young men emerge—Huey (Jamie Starr), Vingh (Leonard Wu), and Tomás (Luis Chávez)—led by Chuckie (Lukas Haas). A security guard intervenes but is shot by Chuckie in the ensuing standoff. As the gang realizes that they have committed a murder, Della manages to start her car and drive away. They follow her, intending to kill her as she is the only witness. She crashes her truck in a development area nearby a forest. She takes a road flare and a toolbox out of the car and hides behind a dredger.

Della runs through the buildings under construction as they search for her. After some hide and seek the guys corner and threaten her using the documents they found in her car. As they have her open the toolbox she throws a wrench at Chuckie and escapes again. Chasing her Tomás jumps upon Huey, who falls and breaks his neck.

After some hide and seek in the woods, Della beats and finally kills Tomás with a lug wrench. She flees through a creek, pursued by Chuckie and Vingh. Della sneaks up on Vingh and kills him with a screwdriver and hides behind a fallen tree. Chuckie tries to persuade Della; he talks about her kids, saying that he is going to pay them a visit. He tells her what he thinks of her, that she lives a boring life she doesn't want, mistreated by her husband. He finds her, touches, and teases her face. She holds his hand, pulls him down and they kiss. He draws his weapon as they engage in foreplay. She tells him to fuck her, and as he is distracted she ignites the road flare and blinds him, takes his weapon, and kills him.

Della returns home, her husband Kenneth complains, that she was out late and is tracking mud throughout the house, but Della ignores him. She goes upstairs to check on her children who are both sleeping. The drunk Kenneth asks what she brought him from the mall, she points the gun at him and says: "Nothing.", and shoots him.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2009-04-28