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While the City Sleeps (1956)

aka While the City Sleeps

"Suspense as startling as a strangled scream!"

Directed By: 
Details: 100 mins · English


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Small Edward Mobley
Small Dorothy Kyne
Small Mark Loving, KNS Chief
Small Lt. Burt Kaufman
Small John Day Griffith (Sentinel managing editor)
Small Walter Kyne
Small Nancy Liggett
Small Robert Manners (as John Barrymore Jr.)
Small 'Honest' Harry Kritzer
Small Mildred Donner
Small Amos Kyne
Small Mrs. Manners
No_movie_poster Gerald Meade (Sentinel crime reporter)
No_movie_poster Judith Felton
Small Tim, Police Desk Sergeant (as Larry Blake)
Small Miss Dodd (Kyne's nurse)
No_movie_poster Mike O'Leary, Plainclothes Man (as Edward Hinton)
No_movie_poster Carlo, Bartender at the Dell
Small George 'Pop' Pilski


Small Fritz Lang Director
No_movie_poster Casey Robinson Writer
No_movie_poster Ernest Laszlo Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Herschel Burke Gilbert Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Bert E. Friedlob Producer
No_movie_poster Charles Einstein Novel
No_movie_poster Charles Einstein Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Gene Fowler Jr. Editing


"Suspense as startling as a strangled scream!"


A power struggle ensues after the death of media magnate Amos Kyne, who turned his corporation over to his sole heir, foppish son Walter. Rather than run the company himself Walter decides to let the heads of its three divisions fight it out. Their assignment is to score an exclusive story on a serial killer terrorizing women in New York the Kyne organization's newspaper dubs "The Lipstick Killer." Whomever identifies him before the police will be rewarded the title of executive director.

One of the three, newspaper editor Jon Day Griffith, has an ally in high-profile Kyne reporter and television personality Edward Mobley. While wire-service chief Mark Loving recruits star writer Mildred Donner as eyes and ears, a third contender, Harry Kritzer, carries on a secret affair with Walter Kyne's wife Dorothy.

Mobley becomes engaged to Loving's secretary, Nancy Liggett. Receiving inside information from his police friend Lt. Kaufman, Mobley taunts the killer on TV using Nancy as bait.

In the end, the lives of Nancy and Dorothy, who live across the hall from one another, are placed in serious danger. While one of the three contenders for the executive director's job wins the contest, another has a surprise in store.

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