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Wonder (2017)


"You can't try and blend in, When you were born to stand out."

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Details: 113 mins · English


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I've been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I first heard that it was being made. I absolutely love the book and hoped the movie could do it justice. Fortunately it could, and while it didn't blow me away the way the book did, I think that's more due to the fact that the movie couldn't offer anything more than what the book had already given. It was EXTREMELY true to the book - incredibly well made and with a terrific cast. The look on Julia Robert's face the first time Auggie has a friend home? I almost cried. She's such a good actor!

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Ok so it's predictable and the ending is a little OTT, but who doesn't like a scrappy underdog overcoming prejudice in a heartwarming tale of friendship and courage?
I liked the split point of view, so that the film isn't entirely about Auggie and his struggles, and the cast give it their all, even if the writers sometimes resort to cliche and have the kids speak in idealised screenwriter dialogue rather than in any way naturally.

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sweet and moving story

A film that perfectly captures the struggles of growing up, but also the limitless possibility, and the struggles that everyone faces. If you're not crying by the end, you just weren't paying attention.

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Small August "Auggie" Pullman
Small Isabel Pullman
Small Nate Pullman
Small Mr. Tushman
No_movie_poster Via Pullman
Small Auggie's grandmother
Small Ms. Petosa
No_movie_poster Mr. Browne
No_movie_poster Jack Will
No_movie_poster Julian
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Small Stephen Chbosky Director
No_movie_poster Michael Beugg Producer
No_movie_poster Dan Clark Producer
No_movie_poster David Hoberman Producer
No_movie_poster Todd Lieberman Producer
No_movie_poster Jack Thorne Writer
No_movie_poster Steve Conrad Writer
No_movie_poster Don Burgess Cinematographer
No_movie_poster Mark Livolsi Editor
No_movie_poster Marcelo Zarvos Music
No_movie_poster R.J. Palacio Writer (book)
Small Stephen Chbosky Writer


"You can't try and blend in, When you were born to stand out."


August "Auggie" Pullman (Jacob Tremblay) is a young boy born with a facial difference who has been in and out of hospitals for years. With the help of his mother, Isabel (Julia Roberts) and his father, Nate (Owen Wilson), he tries to fit in at a new school named Beecher Prep and shows everyone that he is just an ordinary kid, no different than the rest of the world. He strives to teach others that beauty is not just on the outside.