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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

In Toronto, Scott Pilgrim, the bass guitarist for the band "Sex Bob-omb", begins dating high schooler Knives Chau, much to the disapproval of his friends. Scott meets an American girl, Ramona Flowers, who has been appearing in his dreams, and becomes obsessed with her, losing interest in Knives. ...


Despite its disappointing performance at the box office, “Scott Pilgrim” was met with critical acclaim. Though this critical acclaim, it seems, comes only from those who appreciate the kind of literature on which this movie is based. Several critics have panned the movie solely on the basis of its target audience.

Ignoring Michael Cera's continued typecasting into the awkward hero archetype, his performance was phenomenal. Mary Elizabeth Winstead also gave a fantastic performance. She really needed this role to make up for the travesty that was “Final Destination 3”. Seriously, that franchise needs to shack up with the “Saw” movies in Run-Its-Course Land.

The first thing that impressed me about the movie was the stylization. It isn't what most people would call subtle. In fact, it borders on ridiculousness. However, it is this ridiculousness that makes “Scott Pilgrim” the amazing adaptation that it is. Sound effects literally appear on screen as they happen, yet they are not overdone; they are so well-placed that they add emphasis rather than annoy the viewer. The over-the-top nature of the fight scenes emulates the graphic novels almost exactly, with the addition of an arcade-style announcer for each fight, played by Bill Hader. You may think that “over-the-top” means cheesy martial arts, but no. In this movie's case, it means giant constructs of light in the shape of dragons and a massive brawl between Scott and a group of stunt doubles wielding skateboards. There's even an evil ex with psionic vegan powers.

It's not often I can say that I enjoyed every minute of a movie. In fact, it's such an abnormally rare occurrence that when it does happen, I have no idea what to do with myself. In this case, “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” threw me for a loop.

“Scott Pilgrim vs The World” is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best movies I've seen in a very long while. To those who know me, they know I do not say that lightly.

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