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The Horseman

After the drug-induced death of his teenaged daughter, Christian is sent a video tape, it depicts several men having sexual intercourse with his drugged-up daughter. Christian then decides to avenge his daughter by killing all those linked to the sex tape. Along the way he meets a young woman nam...


I would imagine that many of you have seen 'Taken' or its sequel, 'Taken 2', starring everyone's favorite Irish giant Liam Neeson. Well, 'The Horseman' is pretty much both of those movies combined PLUS another heaping dose of crazy and a pinch of ridiculous.

Like 'Taken', 'The Horseman' is about a father getting revenge for wrongs done against their families, specifically their daughters. But, while Liam Neeson's daughter is rescued in the end, the other's is dead from the beginning. What follows is a series of brutal, gut-wrenching torture scenes, wherein the protagonist father seeks answers for his daughter's horrible death, getting them by any means necessary. And I do mean any. The “enhanced interrogation” methods he used were actually quite colorful, often involving the male genitalia and a lot of uncomfortable shifting in my seat. There were times when I thought that the movie was taking it a little TOO far, but these scenes are timed so well within the underlying plot of the story: a grieving father coming to terms with his daughter's death.

The depth of the writing is what hit me the hardest. Character development is explosive, yet thorough and complete. By then end (I won't spoil it), I could tell that each character was fundamentally altered from beginning to end. The superb acting and cinematography helped enhance this as well. But that's not even the best part. The best part is just how emotionally heavy the toll is on the father, and how well those emotions affect the audience (in this case, me). Several times I found myself cheering the father on when he was getting information out of the bad guys, only to think a minute later of how messed up that actually is.

Like I said about VHS earlier, a movie that makes you step back and think about yourself is one worth watching again, and I would recommend 'The Horseman' to those just looking for a good dramatic thriller.

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